How to Make People Feel Safe Inside Your Store

One of the burning issues in today’s world is the need to bring back customers to the retail industry and there is a need to improve the safety in retail stores to make that happen.


As people begin reentering businesses, as store owners, we want to elicit positive emotions during their experience. Consumers have spent enough time trapped in their homes being afraid of the unknown. Our job is to provide safety in retail stores, offering a welcoming environment to shoppers where they feel secure and makes them want to return in the future.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help. We want to help show you ways to make people feel safe inside your store.

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Shields for the Register

In a post-covid environment, you’ll want to make sure to keep your shopping experience safe for everyone, which includes your customers and your employees. Rosseto offers a wide variety of safety solutions, protecting and enhancing the retail experience. Incorporate the use of helpful tools such as barrier shields and guards, which are the ultimate solution for your check-out stations.

Depending on the setup of your register, Rosseto offers a range of shields that will act as barriers to keep your customers and employees safe. Choose from traditional shield designs like the Rosseto Avant Guarde Acrylic Sneeze Guard, or for heightened functionality, opt for one with an opening to handle payment with the Rosseto Avant Guard Acrylic Sneeze Guard with Pass-Through Window.

Air Sterilization System

Another way to exceed customers and employee expectations of safety is by providing them with high-quality air sterilization within your store. Ionsphere Air Ionizer Units, now proudly distributed by Rosseto, create clean, pathogen-free air.


The patented technology of the Ionsphere units carefully distributes a unique combination of positive and negative ions. As a result, consumers can enjoy air that is 99% free from bacteria, viruses, and germs. Best of all, for store owners, Ionsphere does not require any HVAC installation.

Rosseto offers a wide range of Ionsphere products, including wall-mounted units and table and countertop rechargeable units. Based on the system you choose, your Ionsphere unit will disperse anywhere from 25 billion up to 10 trillion ions per square per second.

safety in retail stores

Wearing Masks

A critical yet straightforward way to help make people feel safe inside your store is by requiring your staff to wear masks. Not only are you prioritizing the safety of your employees by doing so, but also that of your customers. Enforcing the use of masks by employees in your store also helps to send the message to the public that your store is a place that you can enter without concern.

Informative Signage

You’ll also want to be sure to hang signs that indicate you have taken all measures of protection. Let the public know you have an air sterilization device and that this is a space free of air-born pathogens. Help alleviate some of the customer’s concerns upon approaching your store by having this information posted outside for them to see. It will immediately bring them comfort and put them in a better mood once they enter your store.

safety in retail stores

Inviting Atmosphere

Create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers by having hand sanitizers and disposable gloves on hand available for use. You can also limit the number of people that are inside of your store together at the same time to help alleviate some social distancing concerns of shoppers.

Talk to Your Clients

Last but not least, get out there and talk to your customers. Ultimately, to know what will make them feel more comfortable returning to the store, just ask them. Ask clients via your newsletter or in person how to help them enjoy their shopping experience once again.


Rosseto is here to help store owners create safety in retail stores for their customers. While there are many different ways to reopen safely, these tips will make sure your store won’t just be good – it will be great!

Give your customers that memorable shopping experience using these tips, and remember that Rosseto has all the solutions you need to make your clients feel welcome and safe as they make their return to stores.

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