How to throw an outdoor wine tasting event

One of the best ways to start off the summer right is to throw a seasonal wine tasting event. It is an interactive event where everyone can discover a new favorite bottle while lounging around catching up on the latest news. Here are some tips for throwing a wine party your clients and customers will never forget!

Decide on the wines

Before you start making preparations, you should decide which wines will be presented at the tasting. Although it is your prerogative to serve as many wines as you want, it’s more fun and personal to choose a theme or select wines that share a common characteristic. Consider the time of year. Because your party will be a summer celebration outdoors, you might want to include white or sparkling wines.

You can decide which wines to sample by region, varietal, vintage or price. Making regionally exclusive selections requires you to research locations or countries such as Burgundy or Argentina. If you want to go the varietal route, you will be tasting wines primarily from one grape – like cabernet sauvignon – from different places like Bordeaux and Napa Valley. Selections based on vintage will use wines of the same grape made in the same year by different producers, or in different years by the same producer. If you plan on serving wines by price, you can choose wines of the same grape and region, but at different price points.

Prepare your wine tasting display

Rosseto Serving Solutions offers products that perfectly fit the style of your wine tasting event. You can position a number of wines on top of high-quality, commercial-grade risers to match the same celebratory atmosphere of your tasting. If you don’t want too much cleanup after your event, you can choose Rosseto’s mock glassware. Durable yet elegant plastic champagne and wine flutes are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

Who to invite

Although wine tasting is appealing to a broad spectrum of clients and customers, consider inviting people who want to learn a little bit more about the intricacies of wine. You can talk about the history of the region or events that occurred in the particular year the grapes were grown. The economics of wine, what types of cuisine work well with a specific variety and the kind of wine you find while on vacation are all suitable topics for discussion.

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