How to Create Your Zero Waste Store in 5 Easy Steps

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With Rosseto dispensers, bulk bins and more, your zero-waste store will be open for business in no time

The zero-waste revolution is picking up pace. More and more zero-waste stores are popping up to save the planet, save money on product packaging and storage, and attract a growing population of environmentally conscious consumers. If you’re unsure how to create your zero-waste store from the ground up, don’t worry. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to establish your eco-friendly business that we’ve created, just for you. 

Step 1 – Find the right location

When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Before signing on the dotted line, research various geographic locations to learn where your target audience lives, hangs out, and shops. You’ll want an area that’s highly populated or visited by eco-friendly customers, as well as by people who are willing to go zero-waste to save money on their monthly bills. 

Step 2 – Work with a designer to plan your future zero waste store

Planning out how your zero-waste store will be set up and look is critical to its success. You’ll want to line your walls with dispensers and bulk scoop bins, set up display areas for zero-waste containers and display cases for perishables, and ensure your customers are comfortable as they peruse the aisles. Working with a designer can help infuse your zero-waste store’s design with maximum congruency and aesthetic appeal, so you can make the most of your space. This is a picture-perfect floor plan:

zero waste shop

Step 3 – Bring your store to life by easily installing Rosseto products

Rosseto’s line of easy to install Gondola Bulkshop kits make setting your zero-waste store up for success more efficient than ever before. Available as DIY or prepared packages, these kits integrate dry goods dispensers, scoop bins and shelving to create the multi-faceted storage solution your zero-waste store needs. Clean, clear and high-quality, our Gondola Bulkshop kits will bring your store to life, and have you stocking your inventory faster than you can say “zero-waste.”

zero waste shop

Step 4 – Order your goods from your favorite wholesalers

Whether you’re opening a zero-waste grocery store or a zero-waste pet store, you’re going to want to order your goods from the wholesaler that gives you the best bang for your buck. It is best to build a long-term relationship with a reliable wholesaler who can fill your orders in a timely fashion. 

zero waste shop

Step 5 – Open your zero-waste store

Once your store is designed to shine and stocked with great new products, it is time to open your doors to the public. Whether you decide to host a grand opening event, or offer exclusive opening day/week offers, be sure your staff is well-trained, knowledgeable, and smiling. Check out this video of a Japanese zero-waste store opening, for a little inspiration:


So, are you ready to create your own zero-waste store? 

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