How Easy it is to Set Up a New Candy Shop Using Candy Dispensers

There is something about a candy store that can always make you feel like a kid again – whether it is the playful colors that pop up everywhere or the never-ending variety of candy – it can really make you feel like you’ve returned to you childhood. And when you open a new candy store, not only do you want to make sure your customers feel like they’re kids again – but you also wish to make the best out of any opportunity to increase sales. How? With Rosseto’s candy dispensers of course.

Candy Dispensers

Setting Up a New Candy Store

First, let’s start with the main thing – setting up your new candy store. There is one thing you need to remember when you set up your new store: when people come to buy candy – they want to have that childhood experience. So, it’s time to start thinking what would a child want to see when they enter a candy store – anything from colors (and lots of them) to that special playful feeling that comes from having games in the store, cartoon designs, and the like.

After you’ve successfully set up you store, it is time to talk about how you can increase your sales using Rosseto’s candy dispensers, and a clever technique called – impulse buying.

It’s All about the Right Place (and the Right Dispenser)

How many times have you stepped into a store with the purpose of buying one specific item and ended up buying things that weren’t necessarily on your shopping list, but once you saw them – you just knew you needed to buy them all? Well, there’s a name for that, and it’s impulse buying.

So how can you use it to increase your sales? By finding your store’s “hot spots” and using them as leverage. The term “hot spot” refers to places in your store that customers tend to reach the most.  Basically, the most “walked in” spots in your store. These could be the cashier area, the main area, an especially popular stand, etc. Once you identify those areas in your store – you can start taking advantage of them by placing Rosset’s beautiful dispensers right in those spots, making it so easy and inviting to people to just help themselves with their favorite treat, thus increasing sales.

Since Rosset’s candy dispensers are available in various designs and capacities you’ll have no problem fitting the perfect match for your store!

For more information, you are welcome to contact us today!

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