Hosting Events During COVID – This Is How to Do It

It looks like we are not leaving COVID behind any time soon, so we, as food and hospitality experts, need to follow some stringent safety and health rules to help get us back to “normal.” . It’s time again to restart hosting events with unique buffets for our guests. It’s not easy, but it is possible with the help of Rosseto’s health and safety solutions.

Keep reading to learn how to host events during COVID while ensuring the safety of your attendees and staff.

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Current Challenges

For good reason, people are still scared of COVID. It’s very much a part of our reality now, which is why guests need to feel safe when attending an event. The buffet dishes and products of the past now seem incredibly unsafe to attendees.

Additionally, hosts are becoming increasingly more selective when choosing their venues. The expectations are incredibly high, and health and safety policies are considered at every turn.

While it can all be a lot to take in at first, it’s important to note that the help of high-quality products like those offered in the Rosseto Avant Guarde collection will have your conferences and events up and running smoothly and uninterrupted.

How to Host an Event During COVID

Hosting a safe event during COVID presents its own set of challenges, but none that cannot be overcome with the help of some state-of-the-art products available today. Here are a few tips on how to host a safe event with a COVID-free budget.

Hands-Free Beverage Stations

Nothing looks more “contagious” nowadays than multiple people touching the same bottle. As professionals, we need to offer the safest environment to the hosts and staff. Consider adding hands-free beverage stations to your events to make your service areas safe and aligned with new health regulations.

Thankfully, integrating these safety features doesn’t mean compromising design. With Rosseto, you can get a modern design to satisfy your guests and enhance customer’ experience.

Automatic Food Dispensers

Remember the times when people used to serve themselves cereals and snacks from the same dish? Not surprisingly, those days are long gone.

COVID has shown us how important it is to have a hygienic touchless dispenser. Not only to prevent the spread of COVID, but also other viruses or bacterias that can stay on our hands. In fact, we all carry potentially dangerous germs that can hang around on our hands long enough to spread from person to person.

Consider adding automatic food dispensers to your latest event. Rosseto has options that include:

Division Between Service and the Hosts

Have a safety division between the guests and the service in the form of barrier shields and sneeze guards.

To be aligned with new healthy regulations, it’s essential to maintain a proper distance between people. You can achieve this division by integrating the modern designs of the Rosseto Avant Guarde Collection.

Even with the masks on, it’s always safer to have a division between your attendees and your staff. This separation doesn’t need to impact the elegance of your buffet, though. There are a lot of sleek designs and quality products in the Avant Guarde Collection to choose from.

Clean the Air

Be one step ahead of your competitors by cleaning your air during the events. The latest technology from Ionsphere offers a clean air solution for areas 500 sq. ft. or less. The Ionsphere distributes 25 billion positive and negative ions per 1 square inch per second and includes a wall-mounting bracket for easy installation.

The COVID virus remains in the air for a few hours, and even with masks, there is still the possibility of it spreading throughout your event. The last thing you want to do is expose your service employees and hosts. This risk is not one worth taking.

The pandemic crisis has forced us to rethink and re-build the way we host an event. Thankfully,  now you can go back to organizing amazing buffets, offering your hosts and attendees an entirely safe and healthy environment.

Don’t forget that your competitors also suffered from the crisis, but with the help of Rosseto, you can be one step ahead and start to host an event during COVID today!

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