Bulk Buy: Why Zero-Waste Supermarkets Are the New, Old Way to Shop

Zero waste supermarkets are rising up and becoming a decent replacement to mainstream supermarkets, in many peoples’ opinion. As awareness to plastic pollution grows, it’s becoming common for costumers to look for a zero waste grocery store in their area of living, and with demand comes supply.

Bring Your Own Bags

Bulk buying encourages customers to bring their own reusable bags with them to their zero waste grocery store of choice. You will find all the products neatly organized and presented in dispensers (like Rosseto’s), glass cylinders, bags made of cloth and jars with spouts. From different kinds of nuts to oils and spices, everything is free of plastic and ready for you to grab, at the exact amount you want or need.

Not Just the Environment

With this recent trend of bulk buying, costumers find it interesting not only because it helps battle plastic pollution, but also because it can save a lot of money each and every time you do your grocery shopping. When shopping in a regular supermarket, you often buy more than you need, just because that’s the way the product is packaged. With bulk buying right out of a dispenser or bag, you take exactly as much as you need and not an ounce more. More precise shopping means less waste and less money spent.

It’s a Retro Thing

Besides saving the environment and saving money, there is also a special style to these kinds of grocery stores. People who love vintage will enjoy shopping in a zero-waste grocery store, simply because it looks like shops used to many years ago, before mass production and mass plastic pollution.

Take Initiative and Make a Change

Over recent years, more and more people are inspired to try and open zero waste grocery stores. In order to make a change and improve our way of living as communities around the world, these shops encourage us to make small changes that make a big impact. Another bonus is the enjoyment of shopping in a stylish place and saving a lot of money, just by removing plastic off the menu.

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