5 Bulk Bin Buys

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In the old times, people bought many ingredients and foods in the markets in bulk. Eventually, most of it, if not all of it, came in packages such as sealed bags or boxes, and bulk buying became less and less popular. But over the last few years, people have rediscovered bulk buying and its benefits – for example, you can buy as much as you need, instead of buying predefined packages of different sizes and volumes. Additionally, bulk buying is a much more fun experience as you can sense the odors, the colors and the texture of the supply. Here are 5 of the most popular bulk bin buys these days.

Original Seasonings

Well, the most popular activity in the kitchen is cooking, and so, it is not a big surprise that the most-selling bulk bin products are seasonings. The colors, the smells, the wide selection and the freedom to buy as much as you need of whatever seasoning you want, have made these products the bulk buying best seller.

Mixed Seasonings

That’s right! We love to smell, weigh and choose our seasonings, but we also love it when they are offered in a ready-to-use mixture – which makes our lives much easier, especially those mixtures for specific dishes or those tasty mixtures to spice up our salad.

Bread Flours

The second most common activity in kitchens around the world is baking. That’s why we’ll find different bulk flours in most people’s shopping carts. This great ingredient allows people to enjoy both fresh tasty bread and healthier eating.

Don’t Get Nuts?!

There’s no need to lose your head, as there’s a wide selection of nuts to choose from at almost any supermarket’s bulk bin section – for all of us out there who are extremely crazy for nuts!

Dried Fruits

The last type of foods which made it to our top list of bulk buys is dried fruits. They are tasty and healthy, and include anything from a snack, to an addition to your salad or even to an afternoon treat for your child, rather than some other unhealthy candy.

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