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Rosseto Serving Solutions's line of commercial dry food dispensers and bulk displays are of the highest level quality you will find in the world today. Each dispenser is made of durable, lightweight transparent acrylic and is supported by rugged yet stylish steel frames and trays. This means that you can elegantly display your dry goods without worrying about the items getting crushed or moved around by customers. The dispensers also use Rosseto's patented soft-wing serving mechanism. A wheel made of six cushioned wings helps stop and release the contents of the display. At any given moment, two wings are pressed up against the exit point of the display spout, sealing in freshness while keeping air out. Rosseto's commercial dry food dispensers are the perfect addition to gourmet supermarkets, ice cream and yogurt shops, and any location that deals specifically in bulk merchandising. Store toppings that kids will love, like M&Ms, salted pretzel bits, almonds, peanuts and chocolate-covered raisins, at your new ice cream establishment. Keep the aisle free of cereal messes at your grocery store. Whatever your serving needs, Rosseto can meet them.
Topping Dispensers

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In order to develop an aura of sophistication at your dining establishment, you need quality service and the right equipment for the job. Rosseto's beautifully designed ice cream and frozen yogurt topping dispensers offer a sense of elegance and utility that is unmatched in the industry. The artistically crafted acrylic containers, steel bases and frames create a system of dispensation that not only preserves the freshness of your products but also maintains their shape and integrity. And the polished steel nozzles offer precise serving measurements that help keep waste down and costs low.
Do you own an ice cream shop? Fill your Rosseto topping dispenser with decadent bite-size pieces of milk and dark chocolate, sugar cookie bits and a delicious mix of fresh nuts. Do you want to attract people to your brand new frozen yogurt location? Rosseto’s topping dispensers can display variety of sprinkles, brownie pieces and dried fruit shavings in an inline or carousel.
Not only are the topping dispensers stylish, they are practical too. Ice cream and frozen yogurt can be messy. With the integrated scoop system in Rosseto's topping dispensers, you can avoid unnecessary clean up and messy spills.

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